Sustainable Solutions for Beer Filtration

If your beer product is a winner its most likely filtered by a Pall Filter.

Why is Beer Filtration Necessary?


The industrial brewing process must meet high standards for preserving the unmistakable taste, flavor, purity and freshness of brew. This creates that unique taste and maintains consistency of flavor from bottle to bottle and from brand to brand in industrial brewing. Maintaining that balance requires raw water quality, microbial stabilization, sterile air and gas, yeast and bacteria removal, clarification, stabilization and final filtration.


Contaminants such as particles, colloids, bacteria and yeast can jeopardize a beer’s taste. Applying Pall’s beer filtration expertise to beer-making helps to reduce risk and enable the necessary process control. The impact of filtration and stabilization on brewing costs is well known. Pall technologies can handle beers at different filterability levels. Intelligent processes, innovative designs and advanced membrane cleaning provide smart solutions for constant low-cost beer production.

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A brewery seeks to maximize extraction efficiency of raw materials during the brewing process. Filtration and stabilization contribute to minimizing losses at the individual process steps. Each Pall beer filtering technology platform is designed to minimize production losses. System processes fulfil today’s demands for maximum yield without compromising beer quality.


  • Clarification

  • Final Filtration

  • Integrity Testing

  • Beer Stabilization

  • Beer Recovery

  • IoT

Beer filtration and clarification are an essential step in beer production. Clarifying beer involves removing solids and yeast after fermentation and maturation, and methods to achieve clarification sustainably have improved greatly.

Essential to the craft brewing process is the final filtration stage. The brewing process is sensitive to beer spoiling microorganisms which can ruin the taste and occurrence for your consumers. Final craft beer filtration plays an important role in product quality and can prevent any harmful contaminants from making it through to the final product.

Integrity testing helps to ensure quality. Performed before or after filtering beer without affecting the filter itself, the integrity tests provide the confidence that the final membrane filters are operating as expected.


Pall’s food and beverage portfolio is comprised of many integrity test devices that help the industry ensure membrane filters are integral and suitable for continued service.


Today consumers expect a beer with a long shelf life free of changes in clarity and appearance. Colloidal stability, in addition to microbial stability, is the main influencing quality criteria for a sufficient shelf life of packaged beer. Our Beer filtration solutions, systems and stabilization media provide maximum shelf life and are ideal for use after modern membrane filtration systems.


The increasing cost of raw materials and energy are forcing the brewing industry to investigate new opportunities for increasing extract yield without compromising quality. Excess yeast contains a significant amount of extract which can be recovered by concentrating the yeast with modern cross flow technology.


Did you know that you can connect your beer filtration system to the cloud to glean new data and insights on your operations? With this information consolidated into an easy-to-use dashboard, you can quickly review critical performance metrics and adjust your machine to ensure optimal performance. The BeerIoT is an add-on to any of our existing technologies. Learn more by clicking on any of the links and documents below.

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